We facilitate a wide range of recording options at Railway and we often record & mix entire projects.

From pre production in the rehearsal room, working on arrangements, through demoing the ideas, re-recording in the main studio and on to mixing & mastering the project for final release.

We also accommodate live recordings, where we have recorded performances & vocal over dubs all in one day, mixing the project at later stage.

It is also possible to record the key components of your production so that you can continue work at home or from another studio in order to keep the costs of your project down.

Advice is always on offer prier to booking for all your recording enquiries.

Session musicians available at request.




Mixes are completed to dead lines for the products release date. I mix projects that have been recorded elsewhere, as well as mixing our own recording projects.

Often I will mix for Bands & musicians that like my style of mixing and who want to feel the benefit of mixing through an analog console, using various hardware outboard gear.

I am available to mix any project from home recordings, Productions from other studios & Labels & recordings made at Railway.




Railway Studios frequently masters projects for our recording/mixing clients and for artists that have recorded elsewhere. I use a mixture of software & hardware processing and professional monitoring in treated rooms.

When budget allows, I always recommend hiring an third party mastering engineer. I have a great working relationship with a number of excellent engineers with whom I have enjoyed  successful projects, at various budgets.

I would be happy to recommend the best options for your project.



Voice Over

Railway studios are equipped to facilitate Voice-Over recordings to music or picture. Each uses state-of-the-art tools for recording and delivering broadcast audio in any variety of industry standard formats.



Digital Media Transfer

We can assist in analog to digital transfers across a variety of formats. These include, Vinyl, cassette, DAT, Minidisc, CD, WAV, AIFF, MP3 & other digital formats.

Once transferred into the digital domain, we can clean up audio and remaster where necessary, before exporting to the final chosen file type.

For example, we have taken old vinyl and cassettes that have been digitally cleaned up and preserved for years to come, Back up files can be supplied in different formats also.

We can assist in the backup and transfer of video to DVD etc convert your old wedding VHS or holidays videos, Kids birthday parties and precious family memories.

We can give a good assessment of what will be possible, based on the quality of the original Media and advise on the best means of transfer. Please call or email for more information.